online classes

Aren’t local? Too far to come to Band Plus for classes every day? We now have IELTS online classes for our students who want to learn from home. Online IELTS study is structured very much like in-class study. The same study material will be used and a weekly mock test will be provided. You can now even take a demo class online.

At Band Plus we teach our online students with the same care and passion as our regular students. We understand that learning these skills takes a lot of determination and willpower. Provided that we feel it is our rightful duty to help our students achieve their goals.

Personalized Learning Plans for online IELTS classes

You will get full-length Computer-delivered IELTS Academic or General Practice Tests (Reading, Listening, and Writing) and IELTS Mock Tests. The instructor will assign you tests through our online portal so students can complete them at their own pace. Very low payment & options available. 

Self-evaluated tests

Plans & Pricing

5 Academic Sectional Tests (5 each for reading, listening & writing) Only for


5 General Sectional Tests (5 each for reading, listening & writing) Only for


2 Academic Mock Tests Only for


2 General Training Mock Tests Only for