(International English Language Testing System)

If becoming a permanent resident of Canada,  and getting a work permit in Canada is your goal then achieving your required score in IELTS is one of the periods not only for work but also for study purposes one has to clear an IELTS exam. As a result,  IELTS is an internationally recognized exam to assess one’s proficiency in English.


Academic vs. General:

Academic IELTS is for educational purposes such as entering university or other professional institutions. As well as to acquire a career in fields such as immigration. General training is the more commonly practiced exam. This is needed to obtain a permanent residency, work permit, etc.

IELTS included 4 modules

  1. Listening
  2. Reading
  3. Writing
  4. Speaking
1. Listening:

We provide you the option to choose between headphones or a speaker when doing the class so that it prepares you in both cases. As they say “practice makes a man perfect” we execute this procedure every class to hone your skills.

2. Reading:

Unlike most establishments, we believe in using logical reasoning when it comes to the reading module. Every class we scrutinize the test package and look at what we might have missed that lead us to the incorrect answer. This ensures that we apply the proper techniques in the future. Along with the Cambridge IELTS books we have also collected material from different sources and have books that are one of a kind.

3. Writing:

In the writing module, we thoroughly discuss the structure, types of essays, and the formality level of the writing. We pay great attention to the vocabulary, grammar, coherence, and content of the essay/letter. Sometimes, using the class’s ideas we write a sample essay collaboratively. This gives the students an insight into what their work should look like.

4. Speaking:

In speaking we talk about how to speak accurately and fluently for the entire 2 minutes. We like to inquire about where the students are having difficulties and where they are succeeding. Then we polish those areas and overall improve the speaking that way

How to prepare for Ielts

You must prepare for the test to have the best chance of doing well in IELTS. At Band Plus we provide coaching 5 days a week. We have a flexible schedule as per your need. We conduct mock tests every Friday to assess your level. We cover all 4 modules in each class and provide cabin speaking. 


IELTS scoring in detail

The tables below indicate the average number of marks required to achieve a particular band score in Listening, Academic Reading and General Training Reading.

Band scoreRaw score out of 40
Academic Reading 
Band score Raw score out of 40
General Training Reading  
Band scoreRaw score out of 40