Nurturing the best 4 Ps for IELTS Examination

Cracking the IELTS examination calls for planning, persistence, practice, and perseverance. It is really important that you use the available time effectively. Here are some general ideas to help you get through this examination with a band of your choice :


It is always good to keep a blueprint ready for your last month’s study before the test. Think clearly and make preparations for:

  • what all do you need
  • how much disposable time is available
  • how can you plan your preparations in that time frame

Be realistic with your plan. Do not expect yourself to do a lot in one go. Remember IELTS preparation i.e. for reading, writing, listening – you need a lot of concentration and focus. So always make a feasible study plan. here persistence is the key. You need to continue obstinately for your course of preparation in spite of creeping difficulties.

SWOT Analysis and fulfillment

You should begin with your own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats profile creation (SWOT PROFILE). Accordingly, you can do a lot of preparation by listening to audios, reading blogs and books, articles, building vocabularies, watching popular T.V programs, and building grammar. But be rest assured that this all preparation needs to be strategized into an action plan to win over the examination. Here comes the practice for IELTS Examination. Brush up the skills required for various sections. Develop a strategy to handle each section. Fix target bands and know the corresponding scores to be achieved. Look, analyze and learn from your mistakes- what went wrong? Why did it go wrong? How can you improve?

Organize your preparation material

 In order to prepare for the IELTS you need the following:

  • practice tests
  • an IELTS preparation coursebook
  • a good grammar book
  • a good vocabulary book

You may refer to material given on www. IELTS .org and www. Cambridge

Always keep your stationery supplies in check. Build your vocabulary by learning and using one new word every day.

Enjoy learning and keep yourself fit

Keep learning and gaining new things. You may not get a band of your choice in one go. The key is perseverance. Keep the courage to move on. Pay attention to your fitness – both physical and mental. Remember to eat and sleep well and taking some exercise. Stay mentally strong. Focus on improving yourself and strengthening your mind. Keep any anxiety at bay.

Remember IELTS is not an exam that decides on your passing or failure. It is just banding your language skills. Through constant learning, one can definitely scale up on higher bands.

Watch this space for further tips on various sections of IELTS.

All the Best !!

Shallu Singh

IELTS instructor

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